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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 14, 2010 at 09:16:26

Kiely, thanks for clarifying. Words in your mouth was only how i understood you- now i'm clear - and in agreement that people are both cause and cure. Glad you're not in favour of culling (or presumably its cousin, euthanasia). - Bob

No worries Bob, I opened my mouth wide enough for the words to be put in : )

We should act before the storm hits but this action must respect our democracy and freedom too. We cannot have elites dictating draconian penalties onto ordinary people that the elites are able to evade via tax writeoffs. Technology by all means, encouraged but not forced by distorting subsidies. We could start by stopping all subsidies & military intervention, such as those to energy projects as I'm sure our board libertarian, A Smith would suggest. We should ignore/eschew foreign treaties and just get our own house in order. Energy taxes, even carbon taxes, probably, to emulate future conditions, something like a stress test. Reduce other taxes accordingly. Given our existing debt load, we must downsize gummerment asap ie. re-balance the public and private sector. We must trim corporate malfeasance and overbearing ways. Locally, we should change codes to allow/ encourage densification - but this is a huge fight against selfish nimbys. - Bob Innes


As far as independant, off-grid energy goes, I have a solution which can yield megawatts very quickly: electric motors can work in reverse as electric generators. Which means that next time a fan or washing machine breaks, it can be integrated into the house's power systems at the base of a small windmill, waterwheel or stationary bicycle. Or hooked up to a Stirling Engine or Telsa Turbine, or other alternative-technology. - Undustrial

Excellent example Undustrial. There are plenty of websites with DIY wind turbine plans.

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