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By Kiely (registered) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 14:54:18

That is a lot of words you put in my mouth Bob.

I do not condone massive and immediate population reduction. I simply countered WRCU2's claim that there was no other option but going back to horses and agrarian living (which would likely require a population reduction as well).

I remain quite disillusioned about the ability of technology to deliver us from the situation MacKillop describes. - Bob Innes

Do you doubt the technology or our ability to recognize and adopt it??? Two very different things.

Many societies collapsed for similar reasons (i.e., over consumption) prior to the technologies some people want to blame for the decline of our society. It is the people, we are the problem. Many people don't want to change, many people don't want to sacrifice any of their preceived entitlements. We've created a society of consumption and we have aggressively expanded that agenda globally. Blame technology all you want for this, but blaming technology is like a mechanic blaming his tools for snapping a sparkplug off in the head.

Having said that, technology will not get us out of this jam… we have to do that. But there are technologies that can help. Simple example, the majority of us could currently be driving short to mid range electric vehicles that could be recharged overnight through renewable energy sources (e.g., roof mounted solar panels, small scale wind turbines), that technology is viable… but we don't do it. Is that technologies fault???

Frankly I doubt this debate is going to get us anywhere Bob. I will not adopt the nihilistic stance that you, WRCU2 and Mr. MacKillop seem to favour... I simply do not view it as constructive.

The guy standing on the corner wearing the "End of the World is Coming" sign is right… but most people still think he's nuts.

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