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By graham (registered) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 12:50:21

"The reason Ivor Wynne gets as few event dates as it does is because of its age and location. A newer better sited stadium will attract a wide variety of events from sports to music to other cultural events resulting in a large number of days of use. This is a good thing if you are a city investing in a stadium. Not such a good thing if you live beside the stadium."

While I agree that living next to a stadium would be kinda annoying when it let out, I can't help but think that overall, the effect of a stadium downtown on the City would be better than putting the stadium elsewhere.

Personally, I like downtown locations (Chedoke or North end, admittedly very different sites)for a couple reasons.

  1. Walking to the stadium. Assuming that LRT or some other form of improved transit goes ahead, fans could park in more remote areas and take transit/walk to events. Burlington setup a shuttle service from the Sound of Music Festival to the Fairview GO Station. Quick, easy and certainly reduced the load on downtown parking.

  2. Effect on the local Neighbourhood. People walking to a stadium might stop for dinner or a drink before or after the game. King St in Toronto has a solid block of restaurants that cater mainly to the theatre crowd there. It seems to me that the North end of the City could use a few more businesses. And it also seems to me that there is vacant land, houses, or run down houses that could use a bit of a face lift.

  3. Something to be proud of. 'Cause the Money Mart & Bingo hall across from our City's main downtown park just isn't doing it for me.

Man, I really really hope it goes downtown.....

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