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By Anatoli Ostapenko (anonymous) | Posted July 13, 2010 at 04:27:06

Summarizing the article:
Every move the US government (and mass media) makes in terms of politics, ideology, economic, environmental and military policies boils down to keeping the American monetary system afloat through limiting the barrel price of oil.
This, the author concludes, is counterproductive (even contradictory) as development of new oil deposits require higher price to be economically viable. Cutting corners, in order to make exploration and production cheaper, leads to environmental disasters. This closes the circle of contradictions - there isn't a way out, not through renewables or electric cars - the whole system must change.
Those who run the system don't want any changes. They would rather opt for economic stagnation or even war to save the US Dollar as the world's currency from the risk of depreciation (annihilation, disintegration, etc.)
Am I getting this right?

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