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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted July 13, 2010 at 00:44:55

Good comments, voting notwithstanding.

Kiely, being as much for technology as you, I nonetheless appreciate the necessity of MacKillop's approach as being one means, perhaps the only means of getting folks serious about the needed change. Without knowing what your company makes, let us assume its a diesel driven pump - might be of interest to WRCU2. Its a little fantastic to imagine a pump running without fuel and of course it would be a world beater. Yup. But it seems to be in keeping with most suburban thinking to assure everyone that such a thing is just around the corner. That way, nobody has to adjust their lifestyle or thinking. Not to mention the side effects undustrial worries about.

Andrew is trying to make us understand that is highly unlikely to be possible. I will have to retract that statement iff (if and only if)cold fusion or an equivalent something-from-nothing technology is successfully invented. String theory anyone? But until such a thing does happen, we must act on the assumption it will not happen, not that it will. Even in our world, a new technology takes 20 years to fully emerge so that is not an unreasonable requirement. Both you and Adam2 mentioned desuburbanization as one obvious solution - that needs very little technology. WRCU2 describes this as low footprint but how will said suburbanites adopt such a drastic change without being MacKilloped a few times?

Before I, a lover of gadgets and technology, and I hope all of us dismiss the concerns of Undustrial and WRCU2 as so much Ludditism, please find out more about the following which just came to me today and which scares the heck out of me for the sake of my kids. Chilling, but it "solves" undustrial's fish problem.

It has been shown that after three generations of eating only GM food, hamsters go completely sterile. [comment on pro GMO article.

The time challenged might want to download the podcast on this page which also notes:

according to the Daily Mail, 1 in 5 men is now unable to breed

We the people are being betrayed. As Plato said, our silence gives consent

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