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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted July 11, 2010 at 23:26:05

I believe that a new word might eventually enter the language. MacKillop, as in Tony Hayward was MacKilloped. Its definition would be something like: beaten down so thoroughly there is no escaping. I lost track of how many living or ideological victims were MacKilloped in this article but Ryan, I hope the RTH will invent an award based on various metrics such as MacKillops per article, average words per MacKillop, minimum words required to MacKillop, etc. My fav in this article:

.....average greedy consumers, who also occasionally vote.

Who in Hamilton fits that description? Anybody....???(Developers don't count as they aren't average.) Well, let me start the ball rolling.... i'd say, based on residential Hamilton being about 4/5ths suburbia, that 4/5ths of us fit that description.

Go ahead, downvote. I keep my MacKillop ready behind the door!

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