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By adrian (registered) | Posted July 08, 2010 at 20:07:38


From what I can see, this east mountain site although I'm not thrilled with it is not sprawl. It's serviced land and surrounded by development and existing roads.

Highways, big box store complexes, low-density single-family detached homes with drive-in two-car garages situated next to greenfields, scarcely any walkable amenities - it's the very definition of sprawl.

Interesting that the last A Smith comment has 9 votes but is only minus one. I thought everyone hated him?

One of those upvotes is mine, not because I agree with him, but because I disagree with people downvoting him due to his past comments. If A Smith posts reasonable, civil comments then I don't think he needs to be downvoted. But that's a side topic.

All profits come directly or indirectly from consuming the planets natural resources.

Crap, Ryan beat me to it with the sun! That's exactly where I was going.

you can always get back on the Stonechurch bus to Upper James and then to downtown and visit the 3 restaurants downtown after a game.

That's just absurd. There are, I believe, thirteen different eateries and restaurants on Locke St. S. alone, in the space of about six blocks. There must be hundreds downtown, and unlike the same-old, same-old chain restaurants that dot the mountain's big box complexes, these are genuine, family-owned restaurants that range from fine dining to the scrappy bars that you can't help but love if you're true to the Hammer.

Only being a downtown snob saying "I have to go up the mountain". Well don't hate the people on the mountain for saying "I have to go down the mountain".

Except that the people who live on the east mountain are accustomed to driving everywhere, because it is impossible to live up there without driving. Downtown, you can actually go weeks without ever needing to drive in order to get your essentials.

Every person I know who lives on the east mountain has two cars, in fact.

The bottom-line is that this is a suburban stadium that will do nothing for the downtown core and will do little for the east mountain besides line the pockets of developers and the head offices of the franchise establishments that will pop up nearby. We'll be stuck with a stadium for the next 60, 70, or 80 years that will just suck money out of city hall until it gets torn down.

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