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By TreyS (registered) | Posted July 08, 2010 at 17:37:52

Jason you can always get back on the Stonechurch bus to Upper James and then to downtown and visit the 3 restaurants downtown after a game.

The same bus route scenario goes for a patron that lives on the east mountain; they would have to take the Mohawk bus, transfer to James, to downtown, eat at one of the three said restaurants, within a 2 km walking distance of west harbour, and enjoy the game. And then return trip with their bus transfers.

That is the same thing!!! Only being a downtown snob saying "I have to go up the mountain". Well don't hate the people on the mountain for saying "I have to go down the mountain". You know how may busses that will take? EXACTLY the same amount of busses that downtown people will have to take to get to the mountain.

Why is it a problem only if you live downtown and have to go to a game on the mountain? But not a problem if you live on the mountain and have to go to a game downtown? It goes both ways. And last I saw, the mountain population is larger than the lower city.

Hamilton Mountain residents are still part of this city. There are so many holes in the west harbour location debate that you could drive a 2018 LRT through them. The arguments for the west harbour location are all emotional and people are not seeing any other perspectives, objectively. It's west harbour or nothing, and i'm going to stamp my feet until I get what I want.

I wish the West Harbour made sense to me. I wish John and Wilson was an option. I wish B Bratina's Sir John A location was an option. I wish Van Wagner's wasn't autonomously removed from the possible locations by Chad Collins at the start. How that happened I will never know. And why Chad? You first said it was because you wanted to preserve 'green space'. Then realizing that Confederation Park is a go-cart, waterslide, wavepool, batting cages, mini-putt, beach patio party area... did you then change your vocabulary to "public space". Well guess what Mr. Collins,, besides making a huge screw up, Confederation Park is a huge recreational space already. It is not the tranquil West Harbour, Beach Strip is different. It's active, it's loud, it's a party. And you know what? It's way more popular than West Harbour on any given weekend. Confederation Park is already a party spot. And exactly why if a waterfront and highway front were advantagages that Van Wagner's should've been a given at least consideration .... hey Chad get back in my pocket, join the rest of Liberals

So we're left with a shit short list that neither was good.

I can only hope now, that this stadium is built somewhere in Hamilton and is 30k minimum and is world class. A stadium Hamilton can be proud of. A stadium that keeps the Cats in Hamilton and hopeful that they can a make profit, and can bring extra events, outsiders to our city, and look good.

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