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By Kiely (registered) | Posted June 23, 2010 at 10:38:31

Having had all this input from readers, can you give us a few thoughts on what you think should be done? - Bob Innes

That would be a whole other article Bob. I will give you two ideas that I firmly believe in though, even one I think you'll like ; )

1) Strengthen our immigration/refugee system. This includes being tougher on the criminal elements, enforcing deportation orders, making sure the rules are being followed, etc… but also includes making it easier (i.e., less costly) for foreign trained professionals to get their credentials accepted in Canada and breaking down barriers to meaningful employment in their previously chosen professions. The immigration/refugee system does need some improving. I'm sure we've all heard the stories of students or hard working people being deported while criminals are not and while these may be anomalies they are ones we cannot afford to have happen. The system has to work well (almost to the point of being beyond reproach) or it provides propaganda ammunition to anti-immigration movements.

2) Education, education, education. A strong, integrated (economically and racially), well funded and FREE public education system from kindergarten right through College and University. An almost complete overhaul to our education system to reflect the different ways kids learn and to remove the overwhelming emphasis on university education leading to white-collar jobs as being the acceptable norm and only measure of success. The "great equalizer" must rise again.

I also believe in a strong constitution... for many reasons.

I think we can chew on those suggestions for a while : )

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