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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 19, 2010 at 01:58:15

Mahesh: - There's lots of people plying their wares on all sides of the various issues here. At least I know who to call on if I need a good reference on something!

I wish that all we needed to do was clean my glasses but somehow, I don't think that changes much. I wish i actually was just misreading the situation and that when i woke up, it was just a bad dream. Really. So much easier. But I seem to be moving ahead, if ever so slightly, by adopting/ preparing for the worst case scenario, listening to 'crazy' so-called conspiracy theories, looking to teabaggers and ignoring the positive scenarios promulgated by various boosters here on stadia, Aerotropolis, LRTs and other expensive/ high tax solutions,not to mention the social topics we are discussing. Sunny optimists never see a problem. Gee, I wonder why. I prefer a more cautious appreciation, hoping to anticipate and resolve problems before they become insoluble. Making haste slowly seems better than pell mell rush. Relatively speaking.

But, reflecting on Kiely's original article, making Hamilton more welcoming to immigrants, the sentiment of which I applaud, if we have objections on how, as i do, perhaps we should try to identify what the alternative is. Kiely wants to blame whites, or perhaps is proposing a welcoming committee - nice job if you can get it, or affirmative action? Moylek seems to suggest immigrants allow more time and accept more responsibility/ reality? Not sure what Mahesh wants/ suggests, in 30 words or less. My schstick is the role of honesty, or if you will, identification /eradication of bias (ie PC bias) in the discussion. There is a great need of that here, even if just to acknowledge the various different discussions and the talking-past that goes on.

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