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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2010 at 00:47:08

Kiely, instead of observing my predictability (happily guilty), how about answering the question. Sharia, polygamy, yes or no. Just for the record.

Highwater, sorry about the teabagger lingo but i sorta like it. Call me Teabagger Bob if you like. Fathers, founders .... makes no difference. Do you actually think they intended for tradition / institutions to be thrown out willy nilly? You have no respect for the balance they created? What arrogance. What will we get instead? The NAU? Maybe you'd like a President Harper! Bet you'd like that since you're so fond of change for change's sake.

Did I say FLDS was good? Last I heard the practice was outlawed/ stopped. Whole lotta ASSumptions about what I'm saying.

Supposedly real experience opines: "Bob Innes, I sense a deep despair in you about how your world has changed in so many ways and you are fearful of more change ..." which is a good start but then wanders off into his own religious imagination. Nothing to do with me or anything i said. But yes, despair i do, mostly in the economic and civic realm, but also here in the social/ religious realm. Other than outright fraud, manipulations, criminality (cause for anger, not despair), the cause for despair comes really from the utter lack of ability to honestly confront the problems at hand, or even define them, especially within a global/ historical context - as evidenced amply in various responses to my comments and in the way Hamilton (and the media) is handling the many situations confronting us. And yes, the teabagger part of me thinks there is a globalist component to all that is going on that is unexamined and potentially very dangerous. All I want is for someone to stand up and examine, not dismiss issues, take them seriously and plan how Canada/Hamilton can resolve them. Until I see that, well, please pass me a teabag. Make it a camomile. It could be a long wait.

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