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By Kiely (registered) | Posted June 17, 2010 at 09:17:56

One thing I would change – substitute non-white Canadians for “Immigrants”. It is non-white Canadians who are experiencing alienation and exclusion - Someone with real experience

Very true SWRE. I chose "immigrants" because I wanted to make the point about how important it is to harness the talents and ideas of the new immigrants as they come to this country and city. Also, that term tied in with much of the supporting material I used.

But you are 100% correct, it is not just new or recent immigrants that experience alienation and exclusion. Non-white Canadians who were born here or have been here for many years still experience prejudice.

It is not true that immigrants prefer to go into the private sector and become entrepreneurs. No, the truth is that many of them are shut out of jobs in the public sector. They have no alternative but to start their own business. - Someone with real experience

I don't doubt that some immigrants become entrepreneurs out of necessity. But however they arrive at that, whether it be necessity or desire, business ownership is a crucial part of a successful immigration strategy while also serving to be a powerful force for urban renewal. We should all want new immigrants to open new businesses of their own and prosper.

Thanks for the feedback SWRE.

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