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By BobInnes (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2010 at 22:11:53

Moyle has a better grasp on this issue. Kiely seems to be reading too much into raw statistics, and seems in too much hurry, perhaps to appease a politically correct sense of guilt. While I could care less about skin colour, I'm not too keen to have foreign values brought to our councils and am already distressed at how quickly our heritage/ institutions are being dismantled in preparation for the great globalization ahead. Kiely reads the Spicer observations/ recommendations as PC negative. I find his interpretation of Canadian identity ludicrous in that he gives no weight or positive value to the preponderance of the British portion of our heritage or more importantly, institutions. His example of a Chinese Harveys is plain silly - and a telling weakness of his entire thesis. It seems that good food in an ethnic restaurant is enough to seduce him into accepting immigrant values in toto, without regard to the downside that is emerging for instance, in Europe.

Let me close with a challenge: Find an immigrant who wants Canada to become just like the country he/she left.

If this proves impossible, then just maybe we should be less hasty in exchanging our Canadian heritage for new-fangled, unproven, politically correct, technology friendly, globalist ready, socially engineered ideas, attitudes and way of doing things.

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