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By moylek (registered) - website | Posted June 16, 2010 at 17:09:01

Other places you won't find visible minorities proportionally, in my experience: volunteer organizations which help the broader community. Probably for the many of the same reasons that they're not found on boards and councils.

Seriously: before we carry on bashing all the privileged middle-aged white people sitting on various boards and councils, take a look at who it is who puts in all of the thousands and thousands of volunteer hours for Hamilton's little leagues and scouts and guides and free festivals and fundraisers for Lions-club-funded parks and Rotary-funded skating rinks: middle-aged white people. A lot of those people are of Italian, Polish, Dutch or German descent, of course.

I'm not bashing recent immigrants for being free loaders. I'm saying that most of them have different priorities and that it takes a generation or three to get to the point of being ready to contribute to the general weal - it might take that long for families from other countries to even be aware of how much paid and unpaid public service it takes to make this new home of theirs work as a society.

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