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By Rene Gauthier (anonymous) | Posted June 16, 2010 at 10:42:00

Good points to ponder, Chris.

Whenever people start talking about immigration policy or complain about immigrants taking jobs, I always point out that this country is a nation of immigrants. The difference between Canada and the U.S. is that we don't demand that they cut ties with their country of origin.

And we shouldn't. I like to learn as much as I can about their cultures, because I like to consider myself a citizen of the world rather than just a country.

With that in mind, what does this city have to offer an immigrant these days? Do we have any jobs? How about entrepreneurial assistance? If we're wondering why immigrants aren't staying here, maybe we should take a look at our downtown core.

It's a mess. It's crumbling. The city is rotting from within. And what have they done? They wreck buildings as soon as it's too late. And why? We forget that downtown is a reflection of the city as a whole. City Hall needs to take a more active role in its stewardship of the downtown core if we want to show the world that this city is ready to do some business.

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