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By Donald J. Lester (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2010 at 11:46:55

@Henry and Joe

This is what we are doing,"play some kind of victim card, I'm just asking for a level playing field from the province." Moreover, I am not suggesting that we don't need the LRT. When one look at this situation from the way the world works what does Hamilton have to offer the province? Now leaving this issue for the moment and take a look at the bigger picture.

Through all the discussions with Metrolinx's proposed transit for high speed transit within Ontario with future extensions across the country, who is missing at the table is the federal government. Consider that the LTR is here and the province down the road with the Feds proceed on High Speed rail, Hamilton and other communities may be left with redoing and re-building such to make the LTR a viable connection.

Secondly, the status of a "bedroom Community" in the long run is not sustainable to support such ventures. Though the present formula based on increased "pop. density" has serious limitations, in particular given our present economy. With 30% of poverty including another 30% leaving this City to bring home the bacon.

I think there is a great misconception that we can continue to raise taxes on the residences and that down the road that there won't be a major fallout. While the present focus of provincial energy is focused on the service sector as the major source of job creation, which is a non productive which has many inherent flaws to support long term sustainability.

If you take a look at what is really occurring throughout this province is that the US is offering all kinds of incentives to business to relocate. While in this province we are increasing taxes left and right. In recent days locally Labatts is not the only one going south so is Goodyear, that's only in the past two's becoming an epidemic. Moreover, as this continues the residential market will collapse, and where is the tax base then? Where are the benefits of, "pop. density" ?

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