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By canbyte (registered) | Posted April 27, 2010 at 01:08:17

Great article and even better riposte! Took me back to a rather similar experience away at U.

Reflecting on Apple and assuming your profile is more or less correct, I'd guess there are lots of Apples in Hamilton - for many practical reasons, mainly the lower cost of living.

While its interesting to hear what young folks think about Hamilton, especially the positive ones, I'd guess that negative reviewers are not generally commenting here (self selected sample). Further, young people, say below 40, have other more important issues on their plate that keeps their minds off the negatives while they pay bills, raise kids, etc. Negatives, such as political, city budgets etc are removed from their daily concerns, even if the long term effects (of bad decisions) eventually will affect us all.

It is the older amongst us that have the time and/or perspective to reflect on how bad things can come from good intentions, not evident at the time. Ok, I'm generalizing, but the product of such reflection can be quite discouraging as one reads/hears the goings-on in Hamilton and sees the (negative) visual evidence. So i'm looking for ways to cut the Apples a little slack, (could be a tad more reflective), since he/she is a voter/non-voter we have to deal with who will either help or impede the fixing of the city. Cheers.

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