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By jason (registered) | Posted April 24, 2010 at 13:19:04

if anyone wants a good laugh (although it's not funny) Cable 14 has a Code Red open forum on right now. The issue of 5-lane freeways tearing through urban neighbourhoods with trucks just came up. Everyone is applauding and cheering comments about how the urban neighbourhoods are being screwed with these 5-lane highways that would "never be allowed in suburban neighbourhoods".
Terry Cooke spoke eloquently on NIMBYism. The entire discussion was heart warming and anyone watching without any knowledge of what goes on at city hall would think that Hamilton is headed towards some great livability changes in our urban neighbourhoods.

Yet, as I said when Code Red started, I really didn't care to read it or follow it for 2 reasons:

  1. we already know the problems and we know where the problems are
  2. we also know that city hall will continue to make unfathomable decisions like this truck route one (and continue to pile social services in the core). They've known the problems for decades and yet nothing changes.

Call me a cynic, but in reality I'm not. City Hall is what it is and no amount of boosterism or positive spin can change the reality that our city is going NOWHERE and all the best ideas in the world brought up on RTH or Code Red forums are really a waste of time because there is NO political will to move this city forward and make the proper, tough changes necessary to bring investment and revitalization to our urban neighbourhoods.

This is the embarrassing and sad REALITY of our city.
We get what we vote for.

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