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By alrathbone (registered) | Posted April 09, 2010 at 18:47:11

Why don't you stop being a socialist and actually learn how the world works. I may hate labbatts for this, but this has nothing to do with NAFTA. And even then, if you look up the data, we have been, by far a net beneficiary from free trade with the states. The problem is not Canada loosing out, it is HAMILTON. And after reading articles like this, I am finally starting to realize why this town is dying around me. Nobody wants to compete. We just want guaranteed jobs for everyone. And guaranteed jobs for the local company, nevermind the fact that if you understood the first thing about economics you'd realize how asinine the whole thing is.

Please, continue trash talking capitalism, the reason why lakeport did so well in the first place before it was bought out by another CANADIAN company.

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