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By AlDeSantis (registered) | Posted April 08, 2010 at 13:56:48

"As a result there's a whole category of such films that I'm reluctant to watch now, preferring to preserve my childhood ...The Running Man (read the gritty, less-cartoony book instead)"

The book is solid and nothing like the movie - from what I remember, been a lonnnggg time since I read it - however it is one damn funny movie. Running Man was actually on CH a few months ago, and I remember watching it and they showed the opening scene...went to commercial...and came back and showed the opening scene again. Real professional job. I do have to give props to CH for showing it all in it's unedited gratuitous late-80s glory, though. But, that aside, Running Man is pretty much comedic gold no matter how old it is. "Here is Sub-Zero, now plain zero!" It's like Arnold made it up on the spot, absolute genius!

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