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By canbyte (registered) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 21:50:19

More Roads:

Your thinking is much too clear, much too perfect. My world is much muddier, more complicated and interrelated to make such sweeping statements without considering complications and consequences, both immediate and long term.

No doubt, socialist freebies are expensive and often counterproductive, health being a prime example, but to thus somehow imply that our city council could invest properly (better than individual citizens) is a stretch. In fact it seems your 'evidence' (of the failure of socialist freebies) should actually be considered proof that "politics is politics" - ie. politicians at all levels are equally subject to inherent temptations and therefore equally incompetent to be in charge of my investment dollars. Tell me again, just why you (via the city) are so anxious to get hold of my investment dollars?? Methinks, you must have none of your own!

I think Americans hate both parties, partly because it is UnAmerican to not hate the other party and partly because both parties are 'run' by Goldman Sachs by way of graft thinly disguised as 'contributions' and the resultant costly 'earmarks' weaseled into US legislation nowadays. Taxpayers, feeling looted, by well bonussed banksters and complicit gummerment, of jobs and real wages, and being handed the bill in the form of future taxes, are now resorting to Teaparties to vent their frustration. We can hope that someone is listening and reacting but I see NO evidence so far.

The mid 90s worked because the (first) bubble was just getting started, interest and oil prices were subsiding and taxable profits were growing. Both Clinton and Bush(es) were busy undoing constraints like Glass-Steagal which allowed creation of massive amounts of money (and shares) right out of thin air. Naturally, every adult was happy to revel in this river of riches, especially as we were told we were working responsibly for it. Only later did we realize that using the house (or your gummerment welfare schemes) as an 'allowance giver' was really just childish selfishness that would eventually collapse.

Much muddier, more realistic, no?

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