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By More roads (anonymous) | Posted April 02, 2010 at 18:17:59

A.S.O.T.T, "Canada has emerged stronger and better positioned than any other country."

These are some economic results courtesy of Indexmundi...

Last 4 years, average GDP growth
Australia 2.5%
China 10.1%
Singapore 3.7%
South Korea 2.8%
India 8.0%
Chile 2.75%
Pakistan 4.3%
Costa Rica 3.7%
Morocco 5.5%

CANADA 0.85%

If Harper is doing such a great job, why is our economy growing slower than Pakistan, Costa Rica and Morocco. We have far more university grads/capita, a better legal system, more transparency and yet, the Conservatives can't grow our economy even 25% as fast as Pakistan.

How do you explain Australia's success in staying close to 3% growth? They have a similar economy to Canada, with services accounting for about 70% of GDP and industry around 30%, yet they grew almost 3X as fast as we did.

If you look at Canada's GDP growth under the Liberals, prior to the GST cut and many of the corporate tax rate reductions that began under Paul Martin, we averaged 2.99% growth from 1999 to 2005.\SNA___&RootDir=CII/&Interactive=1&OutFmt=HTML2D&Array_Retr=1&Dim=-#HERE

Not great, but 3.5X better than Harper and the Conservatives.

"If you're that unhappy, try living anywhere else"

Most people in Canada are unhappy with Harper, that's why he can't get a majority government, should they move too?

A better solution would be to vote Harper out and allow someone who doesn't want to bankrupt the Federal government into office. All Harper has done since he has been in office is to cut tax rates, hand over money to the provinces and run up his government's debt. In other words, he has run the government as if he wants to see it get weaker. Guess what, it worked.

In contrast, China's government is all about enriching itself. It owns stakes in large sections of the economy, has a publicly owned rail system, and has very low public debt. Another thing that China has is a huge pool of savings that it gets from social security contributions, According to the World Bank, these rates average 44% of a company's payroll. In Canada, pension contributions average around 7%, and even at that rate, contributions top out at salaries over 45k.

If a strong government destroys economic growth, which is what Harper seems to believe, how would you explain what is happening in China? They have a very strong government and they also have an economy on steroids. It's economy is running laps around ours.

I call the Chinese economy a strong government economy. Stephen Harper and George W. Bush run/ran the economy the complete opposite way. They both believe that government should be weak. Both of them also produced poor economic growth and are unpopular amongst the people. Hopefully someone figures out this out before we lose any more ground to countries that want to be successful.

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