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By Henry and Joe (anonymous) | Posted March 06, 2010 at 15:27:17

As long as this thread is highjacked, I feel it is necessary to make a point about the Westdale situation. I live in Westdale and have never had a problem with students. I've had more issues with home owners but that is besides the point. Balance is a key. If there are too many converted rental units in Westdale, then Mac created this problem by failing to provide adequate res. spaces for years and having a fire sale of houses that it once owned. Bratina was right about the fact that MAC operates in an unruly fashion. The students and their youthful exuberance are not the problem. Its always been the lack of leadership and isolationist policies of the University. Why is it that Columbia College has a residence downtown, but MAC claims that it is not possible to do such a thing? Now MAC has announced that the Family Medicine Clinic is going to MIP instead of downtown. Peter George claims that there was a lack of space downtown. I guess he has never seen an aerial map of downtown. Shame on you Peter George, and shame on the rest of the Board for not standing up for the patients of Hamilton.

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