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By C. Erl (registered) - website | Posted February 27, 2010 at 22:20:27

Hey everyone!

Great discussion, and I like some of the points the article has brought up.

First and foremost, (you are free to agree or disagree) I try very hard to not be an angst-filled person. Angst, according to the language of my ancestral homeland, means fear...but it has come to mean anxiety for the future. The future is very bright, even if certain politicians attempt to stall change and circumvent progress.

My generation is no more oppressed than the ones previous, but hopefully more so than the ones to come. What differs is that we have amazingly extensive access to technology, whereas past generations were severely limited in their ways to connect.

Despite this, we should not take the moniker of uniformity and use it as the foundation on which we build the excuses concerning our lack of action on our oppressed state!

I will agree with the point about youth needing to vote more often and in greater numbers, but the issue is that many youth are, quite frankly, displeased with the very nature of representative government and the recycled campaigns being presented to us with the catchphrase "This time will be different!"

We need to see brand new ideas, a willingness to include us in the political system and considerably less of the divisional politics of yesterday. If modern politicians want us to come out and vote, they need to start thinking about the ideas for a new crowd.

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