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By schmadrian (registered) | Posted February 26, 2010 at 11:33:31

Mahesh: As you've referenced Rockwell's paper twice recently, I'm hoping that you might do an entire article elaborating on this sentence: "Political futures and legacies depend on a successful reading of this document."

Specifically, how would you quantify a 'successful reading'? I can imagine that you have specific opinions about what began to unfold in Hamilton fifty years ago, but as much as I see this document as being a wonderful testament to how things can go wrong 'urban renewal'-wise, I suspect we wouldn't see eye to eye on all points. (Mostly because I think it's quite easy to get latched into revisionist viewing, ignoring the context of the times...and for some -not necessarily you, but some- the prospect of 'demonizing' is a more tempting exercise than actually generating an understanding of 'Why?')

In the meantime, thanks again for furthering the general discussion.

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