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By Really? (registered) | Posted February 17, 2010 at 12:29:46

Great point, Brioski8!

But if you're going with an HGTV example, why not stay close to home with Property Virgins? She almost always only shows houses 'steps from the subway'!

But here's the real Problem; We (on this site) all know the benefits, so stating the points on here over and over isn't really doing all that much besides reinforcing our thoughts, while getting angry.

We need to get out to the Jim's Varieties or Trinket Finders or Stained Glassers or Hemp Clothing Shop Owners and explain to them How/Why LRT will benefit them! Get out into your neighbourhoods and next time you buy a pack or smokes or a lottery ticket from Jim, ask him why he doesn't believe in LRT then Shoot the Facts at him! And keep doing this for ever business, big or small, you frequent along the B-Line route. We are the only ones who can convince them! Who else can we rely on? The City!?!

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