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By Brioski8 (registered) | Posted February 17, 2010 at 11:59:28

The lack of immagination shown by the business owners in this article is depressing to say the least. It seems to me that living next to Main St. with it's single purpose of getting people to points east and past Ward 4 has beaten these owners down. The idea that a mode of transport could serve a purpose other than transporting people past their businesses is completely alien to them. I guess that's what happens when you sit in your place of business for most of the day watching as car after car after car after car after car doesn't stop at your shop.

Perhaps some real world examples from glorious television will spark the grey matter in their collective brains.

Watch a few of the British house hunting shows on HGTV, just 1 or 2 episodes should do it. Like 'Location, Location' or its sister program 'Relocation'. It is nearly impossible to watch an entire episode with out the hosts Kirsty or Philip saying the following words to prospective house buyers:

(If you've watched these shows you may immagine them speaking with their charming Britsh Accents)

"Another great thing about this property is it's proximity to public transit, you're only a five minute walk from the station." The prospective buyers usualy nod their heads and exclaim how excellent this is.

"This property is a little more affordable because it is farther away from public transit, it's a bit of a hike, about 10 - 15 minutes or so." The buyers usualy look at each other and say how they would prefer to be closer to transit even though property values or more expensive.

Or the buyers may say the following about what we would consider a sedate adorable low volume roadway.

"I like the house itself but I'm really concerned about the road noise and traffic out front." I would imagine that any Brit that took a look at a property fronting Main St or Queenston in Hamilton would just about have a fit.

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