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By frank (registered) | Posted February 05, 2010 at 09:15:46

I will...

Even a constrained space at Sherman of 15.8m is adaptable considering the fact that many of the properties on the north side of the street have giant parking lots in front of them... If they can fit 4 lanes of traffic in there, they can fit an LRT... There currently is a rather large sidewalk on the North side of the street there along with a concrete boulevard and sidewalk on the south side. Even at the most constrained place (looks to be around Appollo Restaurant) there's ample room for 4 lanes of traffic with great separation.

I don't think the problem here is whether or not it'll fit, the problem remains that the old Hamilton way of thinking is deeply ingrained in the minds of too many people here. The status quo idea: "It has 'worked' for so long, why change it now?" or "You mean that there's another way to get downtown than use a car?". That needs to change...otherwise there will be resistance no matter which way you turn - new ideas require open minds.

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