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By TheSniffTest (anonymous) | Posted February 04, 2010 at 13:33:50

I'm glad 2 others found that report BS. Or is it just no matter what I post even if it's only the title of a City FAQ it gets the "childish" negative? Yeah, that adds credibility to your point-of-view........

@frank. Totally understand the 20M includes; track lane, curbs, platforms, poles for overhead wires, etc. The issue remains that Jill from the City stood in front of the group and said point blank, that where ROW is restricted sidewalks will need to be narrowed, or eliminated on one side of King Street. Even if the lanes grow from their existing 10' to 11 feet, which they will to create the separated tracks, sidewalks will be narrowed.

This is shown in the answer of that FAQ where it states that property will need to be expropriated where sidewalks are unable to be made "substandard". Sorry, but the neighbourhood will not stand for substandard sidewalks, the sidewalks should be expanded not made substandard.

And the neighbourhood will stand and advocate for those facing expropriation, because that's what neighbours do.

My prediction is they'll end up moving the LRT to Main where these issues do not present themselves.

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