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By TheSniffTest (anonymous) | Posted February 02, 2010 at 14:11:11

Here are some facts that many of the proponents might want to chew on.

1. David Serwatuk did attend a neighbourhood association meeting in 2009 that included a presentation from a city employee.
- I guess those who are calling him a johnny-come-lately didn't attend the local neighbourhood meeting.

2. The 20m (65ft) right-of-way comes directly from the city literature, and it includes the space for curbing and platforms.
- Note, this right-of-way quietly grew from 18.6m between March 08 and November 08

3. Sidewalks will need to be reduced/eliminated.
- The city rep clearly stated in a neighbourhood presentation, that in areas of King East sidewalks would either be narrowed on both sides, or eliminated on one side of street to accomodate LRT. WTF, you call that walkability.

4. For those that don't know the roadway along parts of King Street curb-to-curb narrow to only 12.3m (40ft).
- 7.7m (25ft) is a lot of sidewalk to simply disappear. Again, walkability?????

5. The plans presented in November 2008 showed the elimination of 2 or 3 B-Line stops (exact number not yet decided).
- When asked which stops were to be eliminated, a vague answer mentioning low-density Longwood (sorry Mac Innovation Park) as one potential place to eliminate one stop.

6. A follow-up question on support for LRT in areas where stops were to be eliminated elicted an uncomfortable deer in headlights stare.
- I guess no survey addressed that question........

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