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By Wha? (anonymous) | Posted January 19, 2010 at 14:51:19

So many models assume a growing economy. A growing economy pays for so many fantastic plans, not all of which have to succeed to keep the economy growing. A shrinking economy is less forgiving. In the '70s Hamilton built expressways up the central escarpment to bring mountain residents to bay-side employment fields. Traffic used to bottleneck on Wellington from Main to north of Barton every afternoon. Not much to slow you down there now. The traffic backs up now on arteries leaving the city every morning, however. And the roving, ongoing construction along the QEW from Burlington to Etobicoke seems to me just to be one more cause of delays.

Everything, every system, no matter how good, reaches it's level of peak performance, after which the relationship between investment and return declines.

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