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By jason (registered) | Posted January 14, 2010 at 09:56:16

thanks for writing this Nicholas. I was perplexed that the spec was allowed to write articles recently stating that King would be permanently closed to traffic through the International Village, as if it was a done deal.

I could see potential for one of the rail lines to divert to King William from Wellington to Catharine St in order to free up space through that tight stretch of King. The dowtown BIA should be celebrating the current alignment plan by throwing a big party in a gravel parking lot somewhere instead of rejecting it. The city's plan shows the potential for street parking ON King st in between John and Bay. Furthermore, Main St is 5 lanes through downtown meaning we can have street parking all the way along the south curb and still have 4 traffic lanes. The parking could end prior to a major intersection in order to allow for a turning lane (we love our turning lanes in Hamilton that sit empty 95% of the day).

The downtown BIA opposition is somewhat perplexing, although less-so if you've followed their priorities over the years which generally involve wanting more parking in the cheapest downtown core in Canada in which to park.

Another option with respect to the International Village routing could be to run both lines along King William or Main St from Wellington to Catharine and then back into the Gore.

Many cities I've been to have some blocks downtown where the route is re-aligned in order to accommodate narrow streetscapes.

I agree with the above poster - the line must stay on the same streets though the city. We don't want to split it between King and Main along it's entire length.

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