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By hellovagal (registered) | Posted December 12, 2009 at 00:17:18

if bio solids are so toxic,how come it's better to spread it on farm land or in rural residential areas?..The MOE doesn't think it's toxic but there sure are a lot of other groups and people out there who think it is,so why does the MOE keep giving out certificates of approval to the big haulers?..and,after doing some research,how come these multi million dollar outfits rarely get spanked for over spreading or other wrongful things they do which are quickly covered up or never see the light of day?..How come farmers are told how wonderful this stuff is,but not about the bad things,like in the future they won't be able to selltheir properties because nobody will give out mortgages on land that has had sludge put on it?..or that people around them can't sell their properties and their water is contaminated?..The MOE is a joke...a bad one at that..where are we going to find water that isn't contaminated?..we've managed to make out lakes toxic,so spreading it on the land isn't the answer because it will eventually contaminate our water tables and still end up in the lakes..what's the matter with everyone?..don't they care about the future?..

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