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By meredith (registered) - website | Posted December 10, 2009 at 00:00:52

anon, email me at meredith dot broughton at gmail dot com - i have a few of our two-week meal plans and shopping lists i can email over. i made 'em last year and usually riff of them.

The basic "rules" i follow are: little to no white carbs, some soy/legumes, but mostly meat and dairy sources of protein, and "real" food as much as possible - not artificial sweeteners or fats. The Food Guide's a good start but lacks some things.

I try for the really simple rule of a veggie, a protein, and a carb at most meals + a decent fat/protein/carbohydrate balance. If anything, its a little heavy on sodium but my blood pressure's low and I need my salt.

e.g. Breakfasts are easy: A lot of breakfasts are these muffins for me - but i make batter for 48, then make 36 huge muffins, wrap, and stick 'em in the freezer (Plus I halve the sugar) . They do a good protein/carb/fruit mix and you can microwave one for breakfast in about 30 seconds. And in an hour you can make a month's worth of breakfasts.

Or just make oatmeal and toss some frozen berries and brown sugar on top, there's enough protein and good carbs in the oatmeal to keep you going all morning.

Or take an egg (20 cents, $2.40 for 12)) on a whole-wheat English muffin (22 cents, $1.29 for 6) with a slice of tomato (15 cents, 1/10 of a $1.50 tomato at winter prices) or make an frittata with the egg and 1/8 of a package of frozen spinach (20 cents, $1.59 a package) - chopped onion if you have the time. Breakfast with all the food groups, under 80c in under 5 minutes.

A pound of real butter (at $2.97) will cook a LOT of eggs and is far better than hydrogenated margarine or any breakfast you can buy for a buck or two.

Multivitamins are $18 for a year's worth... that's about 5 cents a day.

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