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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted December 08, 2009 at 17:32:35

First, I did not realize you were intentionally trying to be anonymous. There are several posters here whose identities are known. Ryan has edited your name out, as per your request. Your accusations are unnecessary and inflammatory.

Please also understand that I do have some experience behind my words.

  • I am not from Toronto. I am from St. Catharines. There's crackhouses a few doors down from my parents' house in either direction. There were periods of time during the 1990s when my father had no work and my mother could only find part-time work. We scraped by. I remember saving nickels for loaves of bread and lending my parents the $60 I had saved up as a kid... to cover groceries. During the best of times, we were a one-income family with six kids.
  • I RIGHT NOW live below the poverty line. My rent is not subsidized in any way, nor do I take handouts from anyone
  • I live in a much less nice area than the one you told me you do.
  • And I still maintain a level of dignity. For one, because I care about my environment.

So that's why I don't just call for cosmetic improvements: Property standards are very important. There was an apartment I looked at, in the area you've told me you live in. From the outside, it looks beautiful. Inside, it was missing a hallway window and there were pigeon feces on the window. Other people in that house are on disability.

Those inspections will HELP people on disability to have a property that isn't letting in snow and pigeons... I can't believe anyone would call that cosmetic.

Third and finally...

When I moved here years ago we went from two well-paying, full-time jobs to one poorly paying job and the other in school - with our student loans delayed for several months. Our savings were decimated. We had to empty out our RRSPs. And we were still late on bills and had no money for rent.

But you know what I did? I hit the pavement and got a minimum-wage, unskilled job at For-crappin-tinos making coffee, and I kept that job for a year until we were back on our feet. Because you do what you have to do, you don't sit on your ass and whine about how bad you've been done by.

So during that time, I DID live on $12.50/week for food IN HAMILTON. It's not nice, but it can be done with enough protein and multivitamins and veggies to get you by.

For about two years, my husband and I have lived on $25/person/week for food in Hamilton as well. Our grocery budget is $200/month. We spend little time on shopping or preparation. And we still eat well. I've been very honest and open about it because I think it's more skill needed, not more money thrown at people.

There was a reason I have the disclaimer on that blog post -- I knew people like you would fail to read that part of it. But so I can defend myself a little against these accusations, here's the whole thing - and please READ the whole thing.

Because I'll bet you that I make less money than you have right now, and it's just what I do with it that differs.

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