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By frank (registered) | Posted December 07, 2009 at 16:24:39

Hey look, a hijacked thread that ASmith didn't comment on! No one's suggesting shoving aside the legitimately poor. I'm simply saying that there are many who are poor but not legitimately as well are those who take advantage of the system and until that's addressed the legitimately poor will get shafted... So fix that then we can dole out more money. I'm all for giving legitimately poor people more money but I'm not all for giving money to people who are just too lazy to work.

Your bleeding heart is just as much a problem as my unwillingness to spend more on those who choose to be needy.

The call goes out, "there are poor people who need money" so we set up shop and start handing out money without setting up a proper system to determine what's actually needed and if the monies are getting properly spent. That's how we get were we are...with a busted system that doesn't adequately support legitimately poor people and gets taken advantage of by those who aren't legitimately poor.

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