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By J Morse (anonymous) | Posted November 14, 2009 at 06:53:10

@ transit tired:

I too am concerned about the way the LRT and transit in general is to be funded in the long term. The majority, rich or poor, don't understand that the returns from ongoing investment on transit are not necessarily tangible, measurable, or immediate. They don't understand that transit is not charity, not a handout, but something fundamental for the well being of society like clean drinking water or childhood education.

As a society, when we build and operate things for all to use, we all own and benefit from it. But everything needs a personal price tag. Rich or poor, people seem to need to own stuff individually. Our current majority mindset is not to share. How are we raised, by private advertising for consumer goods? Our morals have been hijacked in the name of economic 'success'!

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