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By J. Morse (anonymous) | Posted November 12, 2009 at 20:24:14

The good parts of the interview: The points made by Nick are very reasonable and backed by verifiable facts. Nick put forward a quick and concise argument that is difficult to dispute. The other panelist was doing his best to explain what he thinks is wrong with the proposed plans. His only valid point, in my opinion, is that during construction there may be some impact to the businesses on the street. A necessary evil, that may be lessened if the LRT construction is planned and executed effectively.

The bad parts: The host of the panel was wrong to get excited and threaten to cut off Nick's mic. Nick was a little too quick to challenge the claims of his opponent, but the host should have waited for a moment to calmly bring order to the discussion.

I'm afraid the media is beginning to see the opportunity to turn this into a 'conflict' like cars vs. bikes. What we can't have, is allowing Hamilton's media portray transit advocates as wing-nuts who just want to ruin everyone's freedom to drive.

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