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By Really? (registered) | Posted August 17, 2009 at 10:31:59

Disclaimer: I was Born & Raised in a very suburban suburb (Uppr SC) where I spent 18yrs and have been Downtown for about 5yrs now with a cpl years in St Catharines/Montreal/Toronto for school in between.

My observations

Suburbs: Drive-ways instead of porches kills neighbour interaction (besides a faux hello), and takes eyes off the street which could potentially lead to crime, or an eerie 'unsafe' feeling (which is how I feel). East End: Porches gallore with residents sitting/talking/socializing, keeping eyes on the streets which could make it feel safer.

Suburbs: People drive everywhere, talking or texting on their cell, or just not paying attention which could also lead to an eerie desolate feeling. Not to mention having to always look around to ensure you're not going to get hit by a car (Mud St was turned into an Expressway just before I left the hood). Downtown: People walk everywhere, adding more presence on the street making it seem like a people-friendly place, therefor more safe (Safety in Numbers).

I could go on as to why I personally feel Urban Areas are safer than Suburban ones, but I'm sure Suburbanites could do the same.

Fact is those who choose Suburbs either a) Don't know any differently, or b) Prefer to be private/anti-social. I only ever ran into neighbours in Parks in my old hood, Downtown I see friends as I walk to Tim's or the Hasty Market. I love stopping for a chat in the middle of Augusta St -patios & people & laughter OH MY!

But with the way the world is going -dwindling oil supply/re-localization of the economy-, Suburbs will FAST become the new 'ghettos' as they will become increasingly difficult/expensive to access -Again, such as Malvern/Jane-Finch.

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