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By Round Guy (anonymous) | Posted August 12, 2009 at 11:17:58

To get back to The Spec editorial, doesn't it sound a lot like the old joke city slickers tell about the bumpkin they ask for directions while touring the countryside? The bumpkin rubs his chin whiskers, looks skyward and finally says "Nope, you can't get there from here."

What happened to the editorials of a year or two ago when The Spec decried "squelchers" who blocked the city's progress to becoming a creative community? Must have gone down the drains with the recession of recent floodwaters. Bet the paper still supports massive spending on the Pan Am games though.

Circuses are the tried and true method of quieting the masses while enriching a few, but when it comes to improving the quality of community life even with small and relatively inexpensive steps, you can't get there from here.

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