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By artistinhpvs (registered) - website | Posted July 02, 2009 at 19:14:03

Jon, unreal!

I will never have problem with police but actually i do. reporting a crime. I used to be hassled cycling my hpv's but I earned my respect.

Here's my old story. OPP stopped my riding up #6 one Sunday yrs ago. I was in an enclosed trike self built (heavy sucker) but I was doing like 12kph. Police pulled me over I was riding too slow. This was a blasted Sunday morning. He tried to arrest me I resisted arrest. Big cop but I was fitter. He got pissed off and burned rubber.

I was working sundays at Circle M flee market back then.

After work I cycled to Burlington OPP & complained.

Ever since then I got respect.

Another time I rode similar recumbent night shift baker at Tim's on Bronte Rd. Winter night I was pulled over I forgot why. I had front/rear lights but this cop halton police insisted (?) I think ride on sidewalk(?) I almost got arrested but I stood up to my rights and I insisted I must leave and not be late for work.

so I said to this officer "call another officer" that I have right on road. And I can't ride on sidewalk anyways snow and ice.

turn of events when 2nd officer showed. He knew me (way more known now) and was a good chat. the other officer was sooo pissed off he left and drove away.

I will never forget look on that officer's face.

I did have run in again but at Tim's. He didn't recognize me until I brought it up. He said "YOU!"

Jon, U ride a different bike so do I and i don't give a damned what any1 thinks. Long's we obey rules & stand up to ourselves!

Oh! were U on last CM? I was late but same Fri that bad accident on York Blvd. I rode out around 6:15 to Hess hopefully to meet U guys tell the story. How ironic cyclist and 3 others killed just before 6.

I contacted Brian about this and replied he'll suggest improvements for cyclists safety.

I might consider joining the cycling committee as I know what should be pretty well inside & out. too bad a freekin budget is more important than safety.

BTW, were these really police officers? Did they show their ID?

Jon, when did this happen?


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