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By frank (registered) | Posted June 30, 2009 at 15:50:07

BillyB in no way did I break the law. The 3 police cruisers were in the left 3 lanes of traffic and I simply moved into the 4th lane of traffic after signalling and passed said cruisers at a low rate of speed. Nowhere do I find in the HTA that I have to stay behind a police cruiser when there's an available lane.

If what you're saying is actually the case, then I might suggest a far more appropriate and efficient way to find a child or children at 8 am on a Saturday morning. Park the cruiser on the side of the road and get out to look! 3 police officers can easily cover the area of grass on the shoulder from greenhill to the 4 lane section in a far more thorough manner than driving in the left 3 lanes! Which brings up my second point: why they were blocking the left 3 lanes of traffic (i.e. the side where the 3 foot high barrier wall is) in the four lane section of the highway rather than say the shoulder and the first two travelled lanes? And finally why did I at no point see any of the officers looking over at the grass? In fact, the officer in the cruiser I passed didn't even see me until I was beside him!

Sorry that you had to ride in an ambulance - my brother drives one. I know there are some people who feel that they shouldn't move over or they just freeze instead of moving over. Let me assure you that I'm not one of them. Many times I've been driving down the road and pulled over for an emergency vehicle travelling the opposite direction while those around me continue on their way.

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