Comment 32104

By volterwd (anonymous) | Posted June 25, 2009 at 21:28:19

"hat bull is easy to come on the internet and spew any story. Did you go to the station and register a complaint at the time? If not, why not? Did you at least wait til you sobered up before going to the station? If not why not? I dare say, the police, even when they are told to "" or whatever you said, are used to this...they don't harass people just for the sake of it or charge people with intoxication unless they have some evidence"

Police do harass people randomly. Did you not even bother looking at the video presented by highwater?

There are thousands of videos of cops being douches abusing their power. yes we don't know what happened, and we should be cautious in accepting his story as fact but your in complete denial.

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