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By Koby1Kanoby (registered) | Posted June 24, 2009 at 15:09:12

Speaking of "a proliferation of unmitigated garbage that isn't vetted by anyone for accuracy... the Most salacious gossip and outrageous slander can appear on internet sites" (2:20)

Frank wrote: "I don't recall her raising the fact that what she says is usually spun to make herself look better and put her party in a better position".

You must have missed the part where she describes a political leader's job: "I think your job must be to protect you parties interest, but the country and the planet have to come first"(18:12) Again, a history of her actions prove this true.

IMHO, your comments hold no credibility, and your desire to have her "shut up!" are hypocritical to the topic.

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