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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted June 19, 2009 at 23:48:32

A Smith: Well, it is not that I totally disagreed with you on all the taxes we pay out. Really because when you think of it, if one earns less then the low income cut off and still owes money, what does that tell you? But then it is affluent have the ways and means to influence policy that drags down the working people, of course there you are on the sideline cheering them on(the rich).

As far as your comment about the poor being apathetic or stupid, well that says something about you as an individual. They are many in the community who fight for fairness, to empower those at the bottom. I think you should be focusing in on the fact that those who have, do a pretty good job of trying to silence the voices of those that struggle.

Anyways, if you ask me, there really isn't an entity called the free market anymore, it is only the few players, the global elite who call the shots, but as usual people like you are quite daft and fall for the propoganada.

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