Comment 314

By David (anonymous) | Posted April 14, 2006 at 06:34:33

Gee - weren't small stores near people's homes just what we had before the era of China-Mart? The height of realization how these big box outlets have damaged America came when I went into a store in a major iron mining area and bought an iron pipe fitting for a plumbing project, only to see upon returning home that it had "China" stamped on it. And I'm not even sure how to label the news story I heard last year where China-Mart officials were in Washington lobbying for increased minimum wages so that their core customer base could afford to buy more stuff from them - at minimum it seems like some strange sense of entitlement. But we can't blame the company who run these stores - we have to blame the people who patronize them and bring them more power. The concept seems great for customers up front, but the damage to trade deficits, personal debt, energy consumption, and local manufacturing, And after paying a few local people a substandard wage, they haul huge dollars from the local economy back to Arkansas while putting those small local stores out of business. In the end, the concept becomes so disgusting that it becomes hard to imagine why so many continue to patronize them. But there is another huge issue that might be fodder for another whole artical - the cheapening of America. Quality is becoming very expensive or non-existent as tolerance of cheaply made items from China for low price runs rampant. There used to be a saying - "If you buy it cheap, you buy it twice." China-mart is helping to insure we won't have a choice.

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