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By Don't listen to weasel words (anonymous) | Posted May 26, 2009 at 19:34:07

I just read an article in which those who are activists in the community for change maybe deemed as criminals. The powers that be, are manipulating hate laws, to suit their purpose, which of course is ridiculous.

I mean really why should people just believe or agree with what a mainstream editor's opinions maybe.

There was a time when the people could rely on the mainstream media as being objective but in today's world, I do not believe it so anymore. The editors are controlled by a corporate entity, thus they follow what message the corporation wants and not what their true individual feelings may be.

The more the system tries to divide people, the more the people should resist and join together in a common cause to create unity, co-hesiveness, to understand each others views and concerns, to work together for the betterment of all.

Anyways in the last federal election, the person that was running for the conservatives in my area kept saying "Mr Harper says", and not once did this person have a free thought of their own.

The one person running in my area who was from a "fringe" party seem to me that they would of been the best fighter for the people of this city, this person was a breathe of fresh air, in terms of standing up for those, the workers, across this city who are struggling and have lost jobs. Their words were the reality for many in this city and not the dribble that came from like someone who ran for the liberals, who was more focused on themselves and not the people, the workers that struggle.

Those that do not want reform for EI, are not the ones that have not lost jobs, that have been denied access to EI and forced onto welfare. Understand this people, if you cannot get access to EI and are forced onto welfare and lets say you get an chance for an interview say in Burlington or Oakville for a job, you will probably most likely not have the bus fare to get there because the amounts received on welfare do not even cover shelter, never mind food or transporatation, you will have either or both the welfare worker or the employment councillor telling you to walk. This is the reality for people in this city struggling to find work where these workers who have position of authority, abuse and violate people's basic human rights.

There must be change, when people can no longer live a life with dignity and compassion, due to circumstances beyond one's control.

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