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By hgreenwood (registered) | Posted May 24, 2009 at 14:57:26

I am no longer a resident of Hamilton but on my return visits I make a point of visiting Hess Village. I can state that I was among the originl customers to the Gown and Gavel, John and Bruce the original owners and then Bruce and Charlie became good friends. So much that for my sixtieth Birthday, my retirement and on the eve of leaving Hamilton for the West coast I was feted by Dinners for all my G&G friends. Saturday afternoons were known to host what we called "The Gentlemen's Club", so named for manners and good fellowship shown to all in holding conversation. An artist was commissioned to do a painting of the "Gentlemens Club" of which I was presented with a copy as a retirement gift. I still have it. The original was on the Gown's west wall and later removed to the office. However on my last visit "home" I asked the new owner if it was still on the premises and alas it was not to be found. I must admit that I am saddened that the original G&G no longer exists, decorum lessened by the appropriation of adjacent property and the extension of patio but I also understand that it is a business and profit now overules heritage. Happy though that the picture "Men of Steel" still adorned the Bar area or at least it did on my last visit. A long worded account to get to the point, Hess Village is a vibrant beat in the heart of Hamilton and the City benefits from its presence and should be doing everything to make sure it stays alive by providing all services including policing.

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