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By FenceSitter (anonymous) | Posted April 27, 2009 at 10:08:12

I have not visited the temporary market yet. Since leaving my downtown workplace yet I have not visited the Farmers Market for 2 years. Yes, great urban promoter I am!! But a comment anyway.

If the temporary location proves to be a success, maybe it is an opportunity to think outside the box in Jackson square. Is there demand for an additional (mini) market somewhere in the vast empty spaces, even close to the current food court. Maybe one that caters more to the lunch crowd ie pre-prepared or cooked fresh lunches/snacks, those not typical of the current food court.

A nice trendy sort of flea market?

What about hours?? I know there is the issue of the workers and farmers, but I would like to see some expansion or variation of hours. Could the market sustain an extra day, say the missing wednesday. What about late night market on Thursdays.

How about allowing smoking in the mall, that will double the crowds inside!! (bit of a joke and sad observation here).

I am a big fan of the St Lawrence Market and make an effort to get there the odd time I find myself in downtown Toronto. Hamilton market seems to lack something. The enthusiasm of the stall holders will hopefully carry into the new renovated space and change this. The plans do look great.

Has anyone come across great markets from other places that hamilton could learn from?

I think I better get down to the market soon!

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