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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted March 09, 2009 at 21:07:56

Trey S: You are unware of problems with the labour law? Where have you been, living in a box?

The current labour laws are only effective, if they are enforced but for many workers, the law is not enforced, look at the temp market, look at workfare or Elect to Work policies, I take it you have never had to experience these yourself. How many workers have been denied stat holiday pay, overtime, holiday pay, EI, WSIB, you have no idea. I think you need to get out of your bubble a little. Never mind those who are trying to make the transition from social assistance, forced into a market where you rights are denied in many ways, it is the never ending cycle of poverty and despair. Yes, it is soooo beneficial and helpful to listen to some crappot not for profit worker telling you that you are not entitled to arbritation or grievance process over a health and safety issue which is clearly in the occupational ehalth and safety act and then to have the same worker trhreatening you to be cut off EI, or to have some so called social worker yapping at you" this is workfare, this is the way it is." How come no scrutiny of all these not for profits sectors, that deny people justice, so those at the top can earn mega bucks, I'm talking to you executive director types who demand your rights yet stomp on others!!

The system is a joke, it is full of endless programs that basically do not deal with many of the labour rights violations that go on out there and then one has deal with incompetant dufus, telling you, that you have no rights anyways. Yes go to a course to learn how to do a resume, yes go to a course to learn how to interview, what the hell does that have to do with anything when your employment rights have been violated?

Interestingly enough, did you know the Deb Mathews swooped into town today? It was almost laughable to hear her go on that she had no idea about the practises that have gone on in the temp market.

Even though the it is legislated law now that all temp workers are to be paid stat holdiay, how many workers in this market are actually going to be denied their rights, I would suspect many will be denied even though it is law. Too bad we do not have political leaders that actually have walked the walk before talking the talk.

Rights under the employment standards act and the occupational health and safety are not taught in the schools, which, leaves those, the youngest workers at a high risk of being denied their rights. Think of the young man who was crushed by the door at a local employer. Lack of training, lack of everything, yet all we hear is the voices of the "business lobby" calling for less rights everyday. What about the fact the even an employer who has five employees must allow for the other workers to have a fellow worker represent them on health and safety issues? How many workplaces do not allow workers this right? Many workers cannot afford a lawyer and there is no legal aid for employment issues anyway, so these workers are left at the behest of the system, which routinely does nothing anyways.

Though I will agree with you that the many of the rank and file before us, before the NDP, walked the line to win rights for all workers. Too bad many workers who are covered by union contract fail to see where others are being denied justice and they are at times the ones that do the denying. Actually in taking labour studies myself, I was quite upset to learn that many rank and file voted for the harris regime.

There needs to be a resurgence of all workers standing together, if all workers do not stand together for each other, then what is the point when only some are protected and others are not. This worker is tired of paying tax dollars for some rank and file to have rights, yet, they have no problem closing their eyes when other workers are denied their rights. Where is the justice in that?

Divide and conquer, or stand together in solidarity!

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